9" x 5"

I cut leaves and petals out of sheet glass, add crushed glass, and fuse everything onto the background glass.  The plate is shaped on a mold in a second firing.


Sea Turtle

10" x 10"

I cut and emboss sheet copper to make the turtle.  I create the background for this plate by pulling glass elements at the torch and then using these with crushed glass, shards and millefiori  The

Summer Garden

17" x 9"

Flowers abound in this bright and cheery garden piece.  Flowers and leaves are made from cut glass, some fired prior to using in this piece.  I melted, twisted and pulled glass to use for leaves a

Blue Jelly

17" x 9"

The background of this piece includes millefiori and crushed glass.  The jelly's cap is dichroic glass and the tentacles I hand-pulled at the torch prior to fusing. 


Sea Nettle

19" x 9"

The background for this piece uses crushed glass, millefiori, and several glass elements that I created with crushed glass in previous firings.  The Nettle itself is made with dicroic nd streaky g


18" x 9"

The leaves, stems, flower petals, and centers were fired as individual pieces during the firing of the background sheet.  All the fired pieces were then assembled onto the background, along with t


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