Fine Silver

This is a small area of the art work that I do, for expense reasons as well as material preferences - I REALLY like working with glass!  That said, I enjoy spending several days focusing my creative juices on making fine silver jewelry components.  I especially like making items that can be used with my handmade beads to add another level of interest and originality.

Fine silver is a better grade than Sterling, and is required for some of the work that I do.  It can be heated for adding gold leaf, and it takes patina well.  I create these pieces myself and then use them in my jewelry.  As the cost of real silver has increased in recent years, so has the cost of making my jewelry.  However, when I buy ready-made silver, such as chains, I pass on my actual cost to you - I do not add additional fees. 

I make my own decorated fine silver "connectors" for attaching my beads, and also make individual items incuding hearts, orchids and abstract designs. 

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