Artist Statement


I love the qualities of glass.  Glass is cut, ground and fired to become smooth and inviting to touch.  Glass reflects and shines, but it can also be transparent and layered.  There are many techniques that can bring out various qualities of the medium.

The focus of my work is on the qualities of color, line, and texture.  Through my creations I strive to engage the viewer, evoking a sense of excitement and interest in the subject matter.  Illusions of movement, depth, and luminosity are common to many of my pieces.

My creations are inspired by the colors, shapes and themes of nature – from the Monterey Bay area, from my travels, and from my imagination.  My work is about seeing, experiencing, and imagining, while often providing a pictorial representation of recognizable objects.

I intend for my glass creations to be seen and enjoyed by others.  I hope that my works will provide a source of pleasure to those who see and touch them.




Mermaid Song  4' x 4' fused glass tile wall panel


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