24" x 24"
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CANCER – The Crab            

Jun 21 – JUL 22

Cancer is represented in this painting as a crab holding a pearl with the full moon behind him.  The phase of the moon is applied over the moon in an iridescent paint as the planetary symbol.  Larkspur is the flower of Cancer.  The background color is a metallic light aqua indicating this is a water sign.  The colors of Cancer are blues and greens, with metallic highlights.  The glyph is shown as a shadow over the rest of the painting.  The four corners of the border show the glyph, the duality - feminine, the triplicity - Cardinal, and the quadruplicity or element - Water.  The additional symbols repeated along the sides are the House, the 2 numbers, and the time of year.

In Greek mythology, Cancer is identified with the Second Labour of Hercules.  Hercules faced the nine-headed monster, Hydra.  During the battle, a giant crab was sent by Hera to distract Hercules.  The crab latched onto Hercules’ toe and nearly caused the death of the Hero.  Hercules was able to crush the cab and slay the Hydra.  Impressed by his loyalty and courage, Hera placed the crab in the heavens.

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