24" x24"
Piece Type: 

LEO – The Lion    

July 23 – Aug 22

This painting depicts the lion, Leo, with the sun as its planet, and the sunflower as its flower.  The colors of Leo are rich, vibrant hot colors, including mettalic golds.  The glyph for Leo is shown as a shadow over the lion, the ending curl merging with the sun symbol within the sunflower.  The same symbol is shown in the center of the sun.  The four corners of the border show the glyph, the duality - masculine, the triplicity - Fixed, and the quadruplicity, or element - Fire.  The additional symbols repeated along the sides are the House, the 2 numbers, and the time of year.

In Greek mythology, Leo is identified with the Nemean lion that Hercules was required to skin – a huge lion whose pelt was impervious to stone and metal.  Having wrestled it with his bare hands and choked it to death, he used the lion’s own claws to skin it.  He then wore the pelt as invulnerable armor, and donned the lion's head over his own as a helmet.  The goddess Hera, angered by the death of the lion, placed him in the heavens for eternity.

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