Paint and Pencil Studio

Here in the "craft" room, I set up my easel for acrylic on canvas.  The sewing table is covered with a palstic sheet and the tubes of paint are layed out with pallete, brushes and water.  I sometimes stretch my own canvases, as my mother did, but it is easier and cheaper to buy finished canvases if the sizes work.  I often buy deep canvases so that I can paint over teh edges as a frame;  I think it looks more interesting whenyou see it from the side.


I draw in every room of the house and outside, so there is no specific pencil studio.  I have studied scientific illustration, and really enjoyed using colored pencils.  They are waxy and can be blended on the paper, blurring sharp edges and making subtle changes to the drawing as a whole.  Most of my pencil drawings are of botanicals as I am a biologist/botanist by education and love the subject.


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