24" x 24"
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Sagittarius – The Archer    

Nov 22 – Dec 21

Sagittarius is represented in this painting by a prancing and proud Centaur - bow and arrow at hand.  The large orange Jupiter looms behind him.  At his feet are narcissus flowers.  The colors of Sagittarius are fiery oranges, including metallics.  The glyph for Sagittarius is shown as a shadow over the Centaur.  Jupiter's symbol is painted in metallic paint on the the planet.  The four corners of the border show the glyph, the duality - masculine, the triplicity - Mutable, and the quadruplicity or element - Fire.  The additional symbols repeated along the sides are the House, the 2 numbers, and the time of year.

This constellation depicts the very special centaur – half man, half horse – Chiron.  Unlike most centaurs, Chiron was a well-respected philosopher, a gifted physician and a learned teacher.  Apollo taught him to use the bow, and he became an adept archer.  When Chiron was accidently poisoned by an arrow from Hercules, Zeus placed him in the heavens where he keeps his arrow trained on Scorpio.

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